Here We Go Again IVF Round #2

Originally Posted March 30 2006  

Well we just found out that we are all set to go with another transfer this weekend.

So we thawed out 4 and 3 have made it through.

Now we just have to wait till Saturday morning to see how they have faired.

We are getting to be experts with the whole scenario, now that we have passed the year of being in an IVF programme.

We keep learning new things week to week and also learning how much patience and strength we both have to continue through this process.

Last week it was all about discovering that it is not such a great thing to have so many eggs. When we had the original process of producing the Eggs, Lou had what they called Hyper Stimulation. This in turns means; that of all of the 22 eggs that were frozen there is the likelihood that none will take due to the strain placed on them due to the Hyper Stimulation. This was a bit hard to take, realising that we may have to go through 6 transfers with no success then have to start from scratch again. At least it means I get to stab Lou with a needle a few more times. 

 However, it did help us reaffirm that this is what we want and are willing to do what is necessary to make it happen.

As they say: “Its in the Lap of the Gods”. We just hope that Mother Nature is having a good time at the moment

As each step passes its another check or cross on the board, but we are starting to get a few more checks than crosses.

So fingers crossed for Saturday and then once again we go into the twilight zone for 10+ days of waiting and anxiety. At least time round we know what to expect and how to deal with the outcome.

Except of course if its really great news.

We should know the outcome just prior  to Easter.


~ by Rob McClintock on March 18, 2006.

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