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This is a place where I post my musical findings and rant about whatever is the topic of the day.

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I also use this place to list and archive Livesets, Podcast and other legal recordings that I have found and thought worth sharing.

As far as I am aware all posts contain non-copyrighted DJ sets from a variety of DJs tickle my ears.Copyright Information

All sets are listed with assumed permission from the artists and organizations involved. If any sets here are provided illegally, or if the owner of any of said content disapproves of its being linked to on this site, please contact the administrator and they will be removed immediately.

All sets are hosted on temporary upload sites such Megaupload or Rapidshare, or they’re hosted on a space the artist or organization themselves have provided for. Sets are from a variety of sources including free radio recordings, promotional mixes, and live recordings, all of which have been previously provided free-of-charge. No commercial releases are hosted or linked to.

Broken Links

If you find any broken links, post a comment or message the administrator and the set will be re-uploaded (if I still have it or can still find it). Better yet, re-upload the set yourself (provided you have the set in the first place) and post the new link in the comments. The new link will eventually be edited into the original post.

Attention Trainspotters

Help identify tracks or provide tracklists where available!

Did I steal your upload?

I will provide acknowledgment and a link in the post if you so desire. However, doing so routinely is really a hassle, and the whole point is about enjoying and sharing music, not becoming arrogant, possessive, insecure morons who care less about art and community and more about their own ego and image. I am all for acknowledging effort and recognizing contributors, but let’s be adults and work more on creating a positive community where talented artists can shine and less on personal crusades based on some sort of silly competition.

That said, feel free to use links and tracklistings from this site on your own sites, blogs, or message boards.

I took this wording from elsewhere because it saved me from thinking for myself, so thanks to that articulate person 🙂

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