IVF: Ding Ding Round 2

Originally Posted March 15 2006 

Well thankfully we have been given the green light to go again almost straight away.  As they say get straight back in the saddle and start again. 

All going well we will be able to have another transfer in 14 – 16 days. So lots more early morning blood tests and a good dose of anxiety. Both upbeat after the setback of last week. 

Now that we realise what to expect with the bad news we can manage the emotional rollercoaster just a little bit better this time round. All I can say is that the female of the species. (IE My wonderful girl) Is a resilient creature with an awesome ability to put behind the disappointment and look forward to the next challenge. 

So more fingers and toes crossed. I’m sure I’ll end up with a serious case of arthritis by the end of this  To all that have posted and sent us their best wishes and support. We thankyou all as it has given us a huge boost.


~ by Rob McClintock on March 15, 2006.

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