IVF Is Fun The Final Stabbing

Originally Posted 17th October 2005 


Lou got stabbed for the last time last night.

We are up to the Trigger injection, which gets everything ready for collection day which is tomorrow. I mentioned before that there is very little of Lou and this was proven again when the injection seemed to miss the mark. Bit of a panic with this lump of drugs just sitting under the skin. A panicked phone call and 1/2 hour of massaging the point of entry and everything was honkey dory. The anxiety is starting to set in and I am a bit worried. Lou is facing all these dilemmas.

Possibly being hyperstimulated and therefore likely to be in for a few days of feeling absolutely sick and dehydrated. Feeling as though it’s to no end now that the process is likely to take a few months break till her body is back in order. And in general just feeling crap. 

It’s really hard when the person you love and adore is struggling with all these emotions that you can only take a guess at. Why oh why did I not take that S.N.A.G course?? All you can do is sit there and try your best at putting a positive spin on each and every aspect of the situation. 

Thankfully we have pets to distract us and keep us entertained. Now one of the reasons I was all for IVF is that I thought 3 cats was enough. When Lou first went clucky it was a lil Kitten named Daisy who was the substitute. Now we have three   I was getting nervous that if we didn’t get our family planning act together I would be funding the building of a 5 star cattery rather than a new home. I reckon they know something is up and they are on the way out in regards to the popularity stakes in the Skew household.

They also seem to sense when Lou is not well.

How do I come to these scientific conclusions?

Easy they are even more spastic than usual. All vying for attention in their own way, whether that is putting on displays of acrobatics. Insisting on sitting on you in the most uncomfortable positions possible and returning to an even more annoying position once they have been flicked. Or just randomly doing bizarre cat like behaviour in order to make ourselves split in half with laughter.I guess they are just a good training ground for the hopefully inevitable child raising we are headed for


~ by Rob McClintock on October 17, 2005.

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