Newcastle Renewal Report

Today the Newcastle Renewal Report has finally been released from State cabinet, and yet again we have to rise up to achieve any action in the States second city.

Initial comment on talk back radiois from the stock standard interest groups who yet again see this as a platform to fight change. The city regardless of what long time residents think, requires change. It has happend before and now, and for the future it has to happen again.

There are those that will again argue the cause of denying people easy access to the harbour foreshore by continuing their fight for heavy rail to remain, ever though all recommendations point to Wickham being the preferred option for a new terminus. Bringing the University Campusin to the hub of the city and the redevelopment of the legal precinct and grand ideas.

It worries me that people are unwilling to look beyond the Newcastle of past and present, what are we to create for the future youth and residents of this city. A ramshackle bundles of steel memories or a vibrant eco centric community focused city centre.

This issue will require the pressure of each and everyone who enjoys the inner city for what it really is, The Foreshore, The Beaches and the Harbour. All else should revolve around these magnificent aspects of our city.

State Member Jodie Mackay, has openly requested that she receive feedback from the community rather than from these minority interest groups, which she made reference on 1233ABC as having already stated their case.

Newcastle no longer deserves another report, feasibility study or sub-committee, let alone the dead weight of octogenarians who have lost sight of the future, and only hold regard for the past glorys of this city.

Get involve. Contact Jody Mackay stating your views and make sure that we get the inner city precinct that we deserve.


~ by Rob McClintock on May 26, 2009.

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