Flat White 12th March

With many saying that we are now in epicentre of the financial crisis how does a society that is already battered by notions of risk in almost all aspects of our lives continue with at least some enthusiasm for tomorrow?
With such dire predictions bouncing at us from every piece of media, how does a mere mortal stay positive? The money’s gone. The kid’s got a gun. It’s just not safe to leave the house let alone the keyboard.
What of good times. Can we not use this circumstance to return to a more community focused society. One where the individuals risk is diluted by the groups over all well being!
Maybe the commercial/ mass media Could take the lead by dropping some
Of their bread n butter gloom & doom journalism, and instead look to focus on the promotion of human triumph and support.
I know that is a long shot, but compared to having dispair as my companion a little bit of positive communal belief may not go amiss.


~ by Rob McClintock on March 12, 2009.

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