Flat White – H20 – Koala’s

Sitting with this mornings flat white, a light mist gains momentum and becomes steady rain. What people would give for this view down south.

David and Sam

David and Sam

I’m pondering that wonderful image of the CFA fireman David Tree and Sam the Koala. How the desire to survive reaches a point where nothing is out of the question, not even human contact. To see nature bends is instincts one way and another gives me such hope.

H2O brings relief to all. As I watch it fall outside,  fast then  slow remaining constant cool and cleansing the streetscape gives off thankful sigh, just like that Koalas surely did with that first sip from the bottle.

The horror that was the weekends bushfires seems to have turned towards a genuine outpouring of human, compassion and mateship towards all that have been scorched.

The cooling effect of this rain has given my brain the capacity to realise such is magnatidue of our society’s overall fortunate predicament.  One that is so willing to comfort and support its own. A society that has, in its time, contributed so much to the welfare of others far from its shores and yet I was not expecting the outpouring of both international support and sovereign donations.

~ by Rob McClintock on February 13, 2009.

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