Long time away from the Blog

Well its been a while since I wrote anything here, which is a shame as the discipline is something that I enjoy. Mind you I have had my hands full learning an entirely new discipline, that of academia !

I am now retraining the brain from that of writing reports, profiles and long winded letters grovelling for a client work to struture academic essays full of references and no plagarised pieces.

Its been a few months, feels like an age, since I packed up my worldly knowledge of corporate life and set off on a journey that hopefully sees me gain a new skill and an opportunity to engage in something that I enjoy and am passionate about, rather than one that I am supposedly good at.

16 years in the game of BD sales and account management had left me stale, it all looked and sounded the same, the only thing of interest were colleagues and office gossip. Shame really because I did want so much more. Since cutting ties and having a chance to reflect, I realise that I was not there for my benefit but for that of the ego. To prove to no one in particular a capability of little interest to anyone.

I now have the choice to spend more time with the family, interacting with my son as he grows and experiencing life as a ‘mature age’ student. Coming to grips with Philosophy and Sociology before hopefully engaging in an Under Graduate degree in Arts/Political Science

WordPress was a vehicle that I was using to promote an online profile in the field of recruitment, now that I no longer engage in the profession, this space will focus more on my mutters from the lecture theatre, my music gems that I find when avoiding research and other natter to insignificant to process at the moment


~ by Rob McClintock on August 7, 2008.

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