What we do, “Do” and what we pretend to “Do”

Well back to the serious stuff.

I was in discussions with a industry colleague today who was going on about how great this new system is that he is about to invest a bucket load of money into. Its going to interface this and cull that and may even make a cup of tea. Now I am all for the “You Beauts”, but at the end of the day we still are a people business, one that relies on sound communication abilities and relationships. 

I then went and read a fantastic article over at Fordyce Letter on what is sourcing and what is not. The misconception and myths that some recruiters get themselves entangled with. 

Maureen Sharib outlines in her article What Sourcing Is and What It Isn’t in a pragmatic way, what some out there are struggling to grasp. Our clients, who are in the midst of a candidate shortage are looking to their recruiters to “source” the best out there, not just find the latest way to gather names, but to actually go and map a competitor and deliver a result. 

Its worth a read even if its just to remind you of what you are looking to achieve with your work as a recruiter. 

So back to my friend. I am sure that the new piece of software will blow me away and I will develop some form of envy, but at the end of the day, I’d probably better off spending the time calling candidates than trying to learn a new way to do an old trade, that is, finding people.

~ by Rob McClintock on March 4, 2008.

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  1. Thanks for the mention!

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