Polish Up Your Appearance

I have some young candidates on interview this week, and one wisely asked about the dress code for an interview. I realised that I had no hard and fast rules to give him, so I went looking as well as assessing my own wardrobe.

I have always taken the approach towards meetings, whether they be job interviews or business, that it is much easier to dress down once you have established the meeting environment, compared to being confronted with a situation you have no control over.

As I am pretty much the corporate suite and tie sort of guy, this is what I mean.

Going into an interview or business meeting wearing you Sunday best ensures that if you are met with open collar or coatless audience, you at least have the chance to break the ice by asking the attendees if they would mind if you lost your tie or coat.

The alternative, is to walk into the same meeting in short sleeves and open collar only to be me by the Armani gang, no where to run and nowhere to hide from you fashion faux pas.

Well that’s my tip. Penelope Trunk at the Brazen Careerist has gone to the trouble of writing a far more detailed and in depth article Quick Fixes for Image Problems which I highly recommend for all of us heading off for a fresh week of interviews and client meetings.


~ by Rob McClintock on February 4, 2008.

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