How can they get it so wrong?

I’ve recently been doing some research and reviewing the way I interview candidates, and in turn, the way my clients are interviewing my candidates.

This great article appeared today on The Hire Sense about the wrong stuff that companys are asking of candidates. It at first made me laugh, but it also made me cringe at the stupidity of people unwilling to take the advice of professionals.

My candidates are prepped and trained to engage in an interview in a professional manner, that best highlights their skill set and personal fit with an organisation. Not which Beatle is their favourite, nor what they thought of the artwork in the lobby.

How ridiculous, a hiring manager is going to reject a candidate because of their inability to describe what they would do if given an elephant. Or what their personal thoughts on the art work in the foyer were.

You should always be confident in asking what the relevance a question is, in relation to a particular role. And always give us recruiters honest feedback as to the competancy of those who are interviewing you.



~ by Rob McClintock on January 31, 2008.

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