Managing Your Identity In A Really Big Universe

There have been a lot of articles and blogs of late relating to social networking and the explosion of sites such as Facebook and Myspace. I came across an interesting article by Michael Habib, that discusses the issues and challenges of maintaining and managing your online profile. He discussions the development of claimID with co-Founder Fred Stutzman

What if your so called best friend turned out to not be such a “Bud” and started to slander you throughout their online network? What if a potential employer googled the wrong “John Smith” and in doing so you missed a career opportunity due to misinformation? What recourse do you or will you have to right the wrong? how are you to ensure your good name is upheld in cyberland?

With the growing amount of personal and private information making its way onto the web, how are we and future generations going to ensure that our personal identity remains intact with integrity?More and more employers are using online as screening tools and culling mechanisms, it is once again a reminder to active online socialisers that your habits are being considered for better or worse.

As a concept I think that the claimID has merit and will watch with interest in its development.

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~ by Rob McClintock on October 26, 2007.

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