How’s the reference checks ?

I ask my candidates to ensure that they have made their referee’s aware of the situation, i.e. their potential job seeking, prior to me contacting them for a reference. It saves the embarrassment on either end of the phone when the referee refuses to give a glowing reference or one at all.

So what about the advent of the passive online reference and personal profile?Well I’ll use it. I’ll go and see if a candidate has a profile online and if they do? See if it adds or detracts anything from their professional profile, and potential fit with my clients needs.

With the advent of open and social networking online, what lengths are you going to, to ensure that your background / personal profile is employer friendly? With greater research tools such as LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Pownce or Myspace your personal life is on display. So as an active job seeker do you turn off the privacy settings & allow HR and Recruiters to find you? Are you providing your own best or worst reference?

At almost all recruiting levels from graduate to “C” level, companies are looking for the “Culture Fit” the ability for potential applicants to integrate into an organisations way of doing business and thinking. Does your online profile promote this? or does it exposure the after hours persona best kept between friends. Fine if it does but its worth remembering that organisations and recruiters are constantly looking for the perfect candidate and the perfect fit.

Now of course you can make sure that your profile is kept entirely private and that would save you having to read this entire article.

On networks such as Facebook, ensure that the applications you install are viewed by the people you want them to be viewed by and not the entire online world, monitor the comments that “Friends” may be leaving you. It may not be the best thing for your potential employer to know your PornStar nickname or how many ninja’s pirates or vampires you have slain in the past week. Maybe it’s best to keep those settings on Private/Friends only?

Alternatively you can use 3rd party applications to your advantage in a competitive market. Ensure that you are using ones that highlight your interests, perhaps your causes and most importantly your professionalism.

If you want to be seen as a premium candidate, known to the industry leaders and recruiters, then you best make sure that they can find you. At least tease them into wanting to know a little bit more about who you are professionally and personally. If that can be communicated more dynamically through some form of online profile rather than chewing into valuable interviewing time, well that’s going to put you at the front of the pack.

In times gone by, people relied on business cards and rolodex’s to keep track of their friends and networks, then Outlook and similar address book tools streamlined that, it seems now that the business card has gotten a whole lot more interactive and in doing so meant we have to spend even more time on our appearance.
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~ by Rob McClintock on October 10, 2007.

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