Can we all be just a bit more honest with each other?

I had an interesting interview this morning with a C level candidate. His story was one that I have been hearing a lot of lately. “Are you going to waste my time?” 

I asked him why he would think that, and sure enough before I even had a chance to brace myself, the stories started.

This candidate had contacted an agency about a specific role, based on a well written add. It wasn’t until he was face to face with the recruiter that the truth of the role came to the fore. Now instead of explaining to the candidate that the net was being cast far and wide to attract the best of the best, that he was sorry that it was not the ideal role, and that perhaps the candidate could assist in providing better clarity to their career wants and needs. The recruiter then pursued a range of roles that were not of interest, skill related or of suitable remuneration. Instead of assisting a valuable candidate this consultant has managed to completely isolate the individual and send them away with bad recruitment taste in their mouth. 

When will consultants be trained and managed to treat candidates of mid to senior level, in fact any level, with the respect and intelligence that they deserve. It continues the trend of quantity and KPI’s over quality consultative services. Why would a senior manager be interested in call centre, regardless of how desperate a consultant you are to fill the role?

Candidates should  feel secure and confident that when they sit down with a recruiter, that person has a genuine interest and understanding of the market and expectations associated with a role, or is honest enough to say that they

“..Have no true technical knowledge about what you do, so let’s talk about how you apply yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your management style and your motivators. As part of a group of professional and well connected recruiters our agency can then discuss as to who of our clients your profile best suites. Generate interest in your skills set and ideally provide you with a choice of career opportunities.”

Recruiters need to take one eye of the fees board and focus back on some core principles of their profession. Asking questions and uncovering motivators. In doing so we will find better suited candidates for roles, a better suited candidate is a happy one that will no doubt perform well in a new role.

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~ by Rob McClintock on October 4, 2007.

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