IVF: Two World Wars & One World Cup

Originally Posted 20th December 2006

Sitting at diner with my parents tonight, we thought that it would be an interesting exercise to go back through the family history with names of grandparents etc. So we started off with my mother and there were plenty of names that had not made it onto our list and one or two that were in store as back up and it was nice to hear where they came from and what relevance they had to the family. There is plenty of Irish. Plenty of boys names and a few that were not far from our final preferences. Then we started on my Dad’s side, now there is a constant name through the Skew boys and if we are lucky that bean has balls then he is at least guaranteed a 2nd name. Again there are plenty of traditional Irish and Scot names going down the years. And a few that are too Kool for Cool so we put them aside  i case our soon to be brought a damages claim to the family court some time in its Teens Then Dad comes onto the generation back in the old country who then headed South. GGGF = German Jew.  GGGM = Catholic Scotch.  Yep got the winning double on that one. And without missing a beat Lou spurts forth with “Two World Wars and One World Cup”.  As you may or may not image both parents were staring expressionessly while Lou and I rolled on the floor in laughter.
Oh and there were no more names that are on our list of any further inspiration to us.
 More serious matters will return at a later date ……..

~ by Rob McClintock on December 20, 2006.

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