IVF: I Spend Money & Assemble Things – 6 Weeks to Go

Originally Posted 7th December 2006 

That’s pretty much the state of my life at the moment. I buy gadgets and contraptions for the eagerly awaited arrival, then bruise each finger with an Allen key as I attempt assemble them while simultaneously trying to decipher the instructions designed for a nuclear physicist, not an expectant father.   Life has shot by over the past few months and before we realised it, we are in the home stretch and only have 6 weeks of life as we know it to go.Since reporting back in early September, the name game has continued up until a few weeks ago, which is a big relief. The back pain has increased and I’ve improved my Sven massaging techniques. And we still have managed to avoid finding out the sex of “Bean” although we have had plenty of people with their two bobs worth, Oh your shape means it’s a boy, the bad back means it’s a girl etc etc. Lou has an idea and I really don’t mind, whatever pops out is fine by me. Ante Natal classes would have had to have been some of the funniest times that we have had with the pregnancy. Seeing some of the dads keel over during videos, whilst others sat there with jaws nesting on their knees. Expressions ranged from “I had no idea!!” to “that bit really big and that area really small…… that’s impossible!!!!” There were a few gents there I am sure who would have given anything to bail out right there and then. These boys were the ones who were quickly thrown a nappy and doll and told to start practicing. The mid wives who have been leading the groups are an amazing bunch of people and the stories they tell, which can range from frightening to hilarious put you at ease. Their favourite phrase is “Its normal”. Now that is rather hard to fathom when you have no idea of what normal is. All you have are the horror stories that your friends colleagues and randoms in the street decide to share with you. However, with 10 couples all voicing their concerns and relaying their wives tails, it was soon established that things to do with pregnancy and birth really are quite normal. The hospital that we have chosen, delivers around 120 – 150 babies per month. So you nervously sit there trying to remain calm and remind yourself that your precious bundle of joy who you know is so unique really is just another number. What you are really hoping for is that its’ not a queue jumper.

We continue to participate in the a local study with Newcastle Uni and HRMI which gives us the chance to see Bean via scans ever 4 weeks, and that is something special ! I’ve attached the lastest shots at the bottom. Bean is growing in all the right directions and has a very healthy weight. Much to Lou’s horror Bean weighed in just shy of 5lbs at 32 weeks.  We may have a chubber on our hands. But at the same time we are so glad that all the vitals are as healthy as can be.

 At this stage there is just so much information flying around about what not to get what you must get, what’s approved and what’s dangerous, you really start to gauge the absolute magnitude of what’s in front of you for the next few years. We have started to realise that each weekend that passes is one less we are going to have to sleep in. Each meal we go out for is one step closer to a microwave diner between nappy changes and feeds. Each spur of the moment outing is one step closer to a military style operation needed to complete the weekly shopping. Actually all that stuff is there, it is making my head hurt and stressing me into tomorrow.  Then I lie down next to my wife whose favourite hobby and time waster at the moment is staring lovingly at her every expanding belly. And then without the slightest hint, Bean rolls. Bean kicks and Bean punches turning the belly into Sigourney Weavers worst nightmare. You just stop and stare, place your hand and feel this amazing creation try to make as much room for its self as possible. Is that bump the head? Is that lump a bum. Hmmm rather pointy… could that be and elbow or knee? You just lay there dreaming of what is inside, what will Bean become and how much more there is to this, beyond the assembly line of cots and bounces, beyond the trepidation labour and those first days of complete bewilderment, beyond the worry that something may go wrong.  I get shivers up my spin when I whisper to Bean and get a reaction normally a firm belt in the nose. Our best reactions have come from wrapping the headphones round Lou’s belly and playing Groove Armada’s Back to Mine and Late Night tales compilations… It just blows our minds; nothing either of us has ever experienced in our travels work or life has given us this feeling of utter amazement of what is happening. The worries and troubles of everyday life just melt away to insignificance. *SNAP* Enough daydreaming, on with the planning. A baby shower this weekend, wish lists to distribute. A car seat to install and a few revision chapters of Dummies guide to parenthood to read. That should keep me occupied for another week.  Then only 28 days to go!!!

These pics are scans of originals, so the quality is average, but gives you a good idea.

I also hope to have some of the real time scans to post soon.




~ by Rob McClintock on December 7, 2006.

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