IVF: Well is was Fathers Day After All

Oringally posted 4th  September 2006

Although I am not officially entitled to any benefits of being a father till this time next year, I did get a present.

After getting home in the early hours of Sunday morning after playing my Saturday night gig, we were just lying in bed trying to wander off to sleep with chatter about names for Bean and how the pregnancy was going in general.

To chillout and find sleep I put my head on Lou’s tummy to have a listen for any sign of Bean.

Lots of gurgles etc as has been the case for the past month, but just as I was drifting off into La La Land, “WHACK!!!!”

Bean decided that at 3:30am on the 3rd September it was time to make his/her presence felt. Right in my ear no less

It was just so joyful to then lie there and feel this new being having a ball, flailing about everywhere. They say that its the last confirmation that you are about to become a parent.

You’ve had the test (Its positive), endured the morning sickness, got scanned (look at the alien) and developed a bump (its not much but its a bump!), and up until this point it really is all hearsay of “professionals” telling you that a creation is taking place inside Lou.


But the moment that you actually feel the movement of your child, you realise there and then that it is all very very real! and very much alive and well !

~ by Rob McClintock on September 4, 2006.

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