IVF: You call that a sandwich?

Originally Posted Jun 24 2006

Well its fair to say that Lou has an appetite.  

Not just a “Hmmm…. think I might have a biscuit.” 

No Its a: “I want that packet of Tim Tams with a large Sunday Roast on the side.” 

To follow is a standard transcript of diner time at Rob & Lou’s: 

Rob: Right I’ll start cooking. Spag Bog or Sweet N Sour?
Lou: Actually neither.
Rob: What?

Lou: I feel like a Macca’s.
Rob: Are you sure?
Lou: NO!

Rob: Well what else do you feel like?
Lou: Maybe Fish N Chips.

Rob: Alright then Fish N Chips
Lou: Are you sure you want to go out in the rain again?
Rob: Yes.
Lou: What do you feel like?

Rob: Food! I don’t care.
Lou: ……………… (that’s the international symbol for a pregnant pause – normally followed by a solid projectile aimed at my head)
Rob: Well this is going to be a fun few months. So what will it be?
Lou: Fish n Chips.

So I am happy to report that the Bean must be growing. And Lou is maintaining the age old legacy of pregnant women seeking immediate gratification. “I want it and I want it now, but I’m not so sure that what I want now will be the same as what I want in a matter of moments!!!”

 We have just reach the end of the 10th week. We are starting to wind back our visits with the IVF clinic, and realise that in a matter of weeks we are going to be on our own.

 No early morning trips for blood tests. No more multitude of drugs. You feel as though you are about to loose a good friend. But we also know that we are getting closer to gaining a new one.

The Obstetrician !! 

As for the important one in this story: Over the past two weeks, hands feet and limbs are growing at a rapid rate. The fingers and toes are nearly complete and the nose has taken shape. The bean at the end of this, the 10th week, measures about 42mm and weighs in at a hefty 5grams.  

The most important development is that bean has switched from being an Embryo to being a Fetus and the heart is almost completely developed. It has a “Big Head” that is way out of proportion with the rest of the developing body. Its also at this stage that bean starts to develop “Boy bits” according to Rob, or for Lou’s sake “A love of the colour Pink”.  We are close to passing the through the most critical stage of development and this will be a huge relief. 

It will mean that the Fear Factor should start to subside for both of us, probably more so me, as I am not the one with pregnacy insanity syndrome. Its hard to explain, but at a neck-snapping speed I can go from feeling on top of the world and full of joy and self congratulations for my role in achieving this amazing “Bean” to feeling the terror, which comes from the realisation that you are about to acquire a responsibility that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

I prefer to use the concise phrase of “GOBSMACKED”. Once we get to the 12th week there is far less risk of congenital abnormality, just the abnormality of being a Skewd Bean. We can really start to drop irrelevant babyisms into any and every conversation that we have. Especially with unsuspecting strangers. 

Apparently I have been mislead about the joys of parenthood. People have started to share with me their intimate “Poo” stories. I am told that life will soon revolve around all things “Poo”.  I have been sadly mistaken, here I was getting all worked up about the caring and nuturing of a new born child, but apparently not.  

Anyway, there is another moment of motherhood irrationality on the horizon so I best go and find my trusty helmet …. 

Till week 12.


~ by Rob McClintock on June 24, 2006.

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