IVF Is Fun Eggs Eggs Eggs

Originally posted 17th October 2005 

Collection Day!!! Lets just clarify a few things first.The whole stabbings and ultrasounds have been leading up to this day. Where we go and find out how good a nest Lou has made and how many eggs she laid.I get to go off to the green room (Men Only) and give my little boys a final pep talk before sending them down the Tube.Lou has a minor surgery whereby the eggs are drawn out.My boys then get to go swimming with Lou’s girls and hopefully get along and start dating

Over the next few days those that decide to hook up are cultured to an embryonic state.IVF in a nutshell.Well we got Lou into hospital early Tuesday morning, she showed great courage again as more needs were stuck in her.I was able to be part of the actual procedure which was pretty special, also a good thing as I could recount it at a later date seeing that Lou made the most of free drugs.They insert a very fine needle and draw the fluid and eggs out of the ovaries. I got to watch the whole thing on the monitor, modern technology and techniques a quite simply INCREDIBLE.So Long to the Grapes of Wrath. With IVF they really hope to get a maximum 20 eggs and 15 is good.Now one of my nicknames for Lou for a long time has been “Chook”. Its probably more of a Yorkshire thing where most people are called either Luv, Duck or Chook.Well there is absolutely no doubt that we were on the money with Lou!As they bring the eggs out they do a count as they go. It was exciting to hear that we had 3, 7, 9 then into double figures. By the end of in my Chook had gone a wee silly and had 33 eggs. Now not all are going to make it as some may not be mature enough. But WOW 33 that was huge. And means that we are in great shape for the next stage. Then the doctor turns to us. I use “Us” because Lou’s all doped up and really has no idea who is talking to who or about what. And he says “Now you realise that after this, and due to the amount of eggs you have produced, you are in for the Period from Hell”. Now was he telling me to run for cover?? Or what?? The only issue is that she is definitely a candidate for the Hyperstimulation Syndrome, so I’ve been Doc Rob for the day at home making sure that she is ok and getting plenty of fluid. We are also resigned to the fact, and it is probably a good thing that we are not going to do a transfer till early next year. Normally its 5 days after the extraction. But because of the symptoms associated with Hyperstimulation and the negative impact that it is likely to have on a pregnancy we are postponing it. In a way this is a good thing. We can go overseas and not worry about it and enjoy ourselves, especially in eating our way through Bangkok and Shanghai. And Lou’s body will have fully recovered and be ready for Bubs. So the rollercoaster continues, hopefully Lou will get through the next few days with minimal pain and be fully recovered by the end of the week. At this stage one of the most important things I wish to say is that the people who have guided us through this program to date and been on hand to answer all our questions and offer so much overwhelming support and all amazing people. So, to the Newcastle clinic of Sydney IVF thankyou so much for looking after the both of us and especially My Girl. You are all an amazing bunch of people. We will hopefully know shortly how many have fertilised. Fingers Crossed.


~ by Rob McClintock on October 17, 2005.

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