IVF Is Fun I Get to Stab My Wife Pt2

 Originally Posted 16th October 2005

 What a rollercoaster the last few days have been. Thanks to those who have left comments and sent us messages of support your thoughts and good wishes mean a lot to the both of us!  To those that have asked questions relating to the process, I hope that I can answer them on the way. I will also put together a separate entry of facts and figures over the next week. We were talking yesterday and Lou commented how surreal it all was. We have this huge challenge that we are in the middle of and no doubt ahead of us, but life in general keeps rolling along. Thank goodness for all the mundane day to day stuff to keep us occupied and leaving us little time to dwell and ponder the road ahead. It’s also incredible from when we set out on this journey, we knew very little about the procedure, and even less people who had been through it. However, in the past week the amount of people that we have come in contact with that has had some direct or indirect experience was unbelievable. It especially helps in realizing that you are not going through this alone. Well we had the ultrasound on Friday, and the good news is that Lou is well and truly fertile. However, it seems that she may be a little bit too good at making her nest. Her oestrogen levels are rather high. So after taking her out for an early Birthday diner, (Oh yes it’s her birthday today. ) I took her mind off this mornings injection by singing “Happy Birthday” as I stabbed away.

We were then back at the clinic for another round of ultrasound scans. We are now referring to them as the “Grapes of Wrath”, Lou says it feels like she’s got a two huge bunches of cement grapes in her belly, so it aint the most comfortable. I am on hot water duty. I’m so good at boiling the kettle.

Its a mans job. Anyway the eggs are abundant and growing at the right rate. So she has made it through to IVF Egg Collection Master Class The only issue is that there are too many and that this will more than likely cause Hyperstimulation Syndrome. What the hell is that you ask? Well I’ll diverge for a few lines. Hyperstimulation Syndrome is a condition that can occur after the egg collection It occurs more commonly when there are more than 15 eggs collected and/or when the hormone level of oestrogen is greater than 15,000pmol/l (Too technical for Rob to explain) on the morning of the trigger injection. (The last time I get to stab her) It involves the passage of large amounts of fluid out of the ovary and the surfaces of the abdomen into the abdominal cavity. Because of this movement of fluid, there is a reduction of fluid in general circulation. I.E girls can get really sick and dehydrated. Not good. What this means is that if after the boys and girls get together in the lab and then return home to Lou there is a very high chance of her becoming very ill and risking the whole pregnancy and her health in general. So. We are getting the boys and girls together on Tuesday, but then they are off on holiday to the icy regions of the Antarctica for a few cycles to freeze till her body recovers. In most cases this only increases the chances of success, but at the moment it’s a bitter pill to swallow. I have to say that this is the first major set back that we have faced. As we have gotten closer to the date of collection the level of expectancy has gone through the roof, while at the same time we have realised in the back of our thoughts that we are far from the finish line and anything can happen. For Lou it is the hardest, to see her having to go through all the initial pain, both mentally and physically to fall so short, it is heartbreaking. But I do admire her courage and determination. When the odds are against you, it is the greatest time to learn for the future.  All this is just a delay but it could mean that we are stalled till early next year. She’s currently out playing a fairy at her nieces 6th Birthday party, so we are yet to talk through the delay but no doubt there will be some heart felt tears in the Skew household tonight. I think more out of frustration. However, I keep reminding Lou that we have at least got to our next goal and that many people do even get that far on their first go. But she is a perfectionist and I am sure my abilities in the field of Personal Mental Attitude are going to increase over the coming weeks. You may now call me “Anthony Skew Robbins”. So we move on and at this stage hope that all goes well on Tuesday. Lou sedated and Rob in the “Green Room” (I’ll leave that to another entry) Well best be off to collect my Fairy Princess and give her a big hug. Happy Birthday Lou. LuvR


~ by Rob McClintock on October 16, 2005.

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