IVF Is Fun I Get to Stab My Wife

Originally posted on October 14th 2005 

 In the nicest possible way that is.


Thought that I would let you in on a secret, well its not going to be that secret anymore.

IVF is an amazing thing and Lou & I are half way through our first attempt !!

At first we were concerned that if we told people what we were doing, the stress of opinion may way us down.

However, the further we have gone into it the prouder we are of the fact.

Firstly that we are committed to starting a family

Secondly that we are lucky to have the science and technology to hopefully make our wish come true.

I also now believe that this is a chance to share our story and journey through the ups and downs. Some may be interested, some may not, some may disagree with the process or think that its not the natural way and some may find it supportive in their own struggle to start a family. Others may just be curious.

Don’t worry I’ll get to the stabbing bit in a minute, but you are going to have to earn it.


We decided that we wanted a family over 18 months ago and then had the fun and games and a hell of a lot of stress each and every month, of trying the latest gadgets, techniques and old wives remedies to no success. Some months the stress levels were intense, what was wrong with us why is this not happening. Too many years of solid partying may have taken their toll on Skew?, was it the fact that we were both getting well into our 30s?

Finally we took the plunge and went to see the quacks quack and started on the road to finding out what the state of play was.

Lots of tests. Louby Lou got dosed up on drugs, and had to deal with all the angst to trying to manipulate her body into baby mode through chemically induced means, while I had to devise and maintain the plan to keep us both positive through the process.

After a few months of stepping through the initial stages, we get to the point where we have checked off all the boxes of “No Result” and head down the path of IVF.

Now for the Good bit:

As part of the treatment, Lou needs hormone injections every day for almost two weeks to increase the fertility rate and number of potential eggs. So every morning, I have the pleasure of being bleary eyed with a syringe in one hand, a rye smile and a “This won’t hurt a bit” quote or something of that nature. Now Lou is slim lil thing and there ain’t much fat so trying to get a good spot is always a bit of fun. Currently her tummy looks like a pin cushion, and I reckon by the end of the treatment I’ll be hitting a bullseye with my eyes closed.

Now for the Best Bit:

This morning we had our first ultrasound to see how the development of the eggs were coming along.

Success!!! We have plenty, maybe even too many   so we have to have another scan on the weekend and then if we achieve a High Distinction in egg development then we move on to putting my boys with her girls next week. (Gross I know but that’s baby making 1 0 1)

Now for Patience:

This bits tough because we are so close but if there are too many then they freeze them while we give Lou’s body a much needed break. This would be the greates test of patience for us both because we are so close yet so far.

So we are one step closer to a result one way or the other.

Facts and Figures:

They say that we have a good chance of success but there are no guarantees, so even while we are upbeat and that with each step we are closer to a Bub, there is still a hurdle that goes by the name of nature every step of the way. Hopefully she is kind and understanding, or she may just be in a challenging mode, all we can do is hope

So the next milestone is Sunday. And in the mean time I get to Stab Lou a few times more

~ by Rob McClintock on October 14, 2005.

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